Biostatistics and Epidemiology

We accept biostatistical and epidemiological papers!

We offer statistical/epidemiological consultation and services, such as writing a statistical section of the protocol, calculating sample size and power, Case Report Form (CRF) review, randomization techniques, perform statistical analysis using different software (R, SAS, or SPSS), and creating “ Table1” for your study.

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Prospective Study

It can be observational or clinical trial. For example, if subjects do not receive any intervention, researchers are merely watching for an outcome to happen, then this is an observational study. If a researcher intervenes with the subject, then this is a clinical trial. Prospective studies have fewer biases and confounding when compared to retrospective studies. It estimates the relative risk (R.R).

Retrospective studies

Researchers look backward on exposure(s) to find a relationship with an outcome. Exposure could be a risk factor or protecting factor. Retrospective studies are prone to biases and confounding. It provides an Odds ratio (O.R) which can estimate the R.R.

Meta-analysis article

Collect, review, analyze thoroughly other authors work on a specific theory. The purpose often is to evaluate a theory and provide a comprehensive understanding of a matter. It is a very useful study especially when there are many controversial studies on the same theory.

Article review

Provide a summary of many studies. The researcher can pull some articles through PubMed about a certain subject and then write an article about the most important points, main idea, and findings that he/she found in those articles. The researcher may provide a critique section about articles.